Howard Ling - G4CCH
 Earth Moon Earth - EME

70cm (432MHz), 23cm (1296 MHz), 13cm (2320 MHz),

9cm (3400 MHz) and 6cm (5760 MHz)


Kirton in Lindsey

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Next EME activity dates
22 & 23 April 2023 on 23cm in the REF/Dubus EME Contest - weather permitting

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since 13th October 2010



My interest in radio and engineering began as a teenager.

I passed the Radio Amateurs Exam (RAE) in the early 1970's and got my first callsign G8GBC. A year or so later, I took the 12wpm morse test and upgraded to G4CCH. 

HF never really did it for me, but after building my first  equipment for 2m I realised there was more fun to be had in the VHF and up part of the spectrum. 

The early EME or Moounbounce experiments of G3LTF and G3CCH were something that I marvelled at, and in the late 1970’s I started building equipment for 23cm initially for tropo

This was also used several times in VHF NFD as part of the Scunthorpe VHF Contest Group’s multiband setup - G4CDC, G4ERG, G0JRB, G8XFY, G8FEK...


Working on the dish feed


5.4m dish with W2IMU feed


My interest in 23cm EME moved up gear after I heard ssb echoes from PA0SSB during a talk at the Scunthorpe Amateur Radio Club given by G4DZU.

In 1982, I started building my first 2.4m dish for EME, and with a lot of help from G3WDG, G4KGC and G8XFY I made my first CW EME QSO with K2UYH with 150 Watts from 2 x 2C39ba tubes.

In 2000, my 5.4m dish was completed... what a massive improvement. Twenty three years later I'm still having fun and giving the "big boys" a run for their money, and now with JT65 I'm making contacts that I would never have imagined were possible.

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News of my latest EME activity
on 23cm (1296MHz), 13cm (2320 MHz), 9cm (3400 MHz) & 6cm (5760 MHz)
2nd January 2024
EME  Initial Contacts  & Standings List
23cm CW Initial #570, CW Mode DXCC #87 & Digital Mode DXCC #121
22nd May 2024
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Please E Mail me if you need more information - howard(at)g4cch(dot)com

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