G4CCH Location information


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QTH Locator : IO93QL  
Latitude  : 53deg 28min 39.50sec N
Longitude : 0deg 35min 23.32sec W
National Grid Reference : SK 938 988  
Height ASL : 24 Metres  

You can just about see my dish on Google Earth... the arrow point is just above the black bag covering the feed on my dish
Street View from front


In November 2000 I discovered with the help of a GPS receiver that the longitude and latitude that I had been using was inaccurate. This meant that QTH locator was slightly incorrect... I was using IO93RL, it should be IO93QL.

W4SM has developed a very nice piece of software that will convert Grid Square to Lat/Long  and Lat/Long to Grid Square. Additionally, it will calculate the heading and distance between 2 locations.

You can download it at Stacey's web site - http://www.keplerian.com/