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EME Related

EME History - 1953 to 1979 - from OK2KKW  
The 16th EME Conference in Venice Italy - 19th to 21st August 2016  
EME, SETI & DSP for Radio Amateurs and the 432 and above EME Newsletter's by K2UYH  
ON0EME Beacon on 23cm  - check its status
8N1EME - Project Big Dish, JAPAN. 32m Dish, February & March 2007. Were QRV 2m, 70cm, 23cm and 6cm.  
CT1DMK - Luis
CU8AO - Fred  


Bodo, shows the real potential of JT65 on 23cm EME using only a 59 el yagi   and 90W max during his expeditions to:
Montenegro 4O6EME
Cay Sal Bank - Bahamas C6ARI

Iceland TF/DL3OCH and Faroes OY/DL3OCH China BY4RSA , Peru OA4BHY ,
Monaco 3A/DL3OCH

More expeditions

DL4EBY - Klaus
DL4MEA - Guenter
DL8OBU - Juergen
EA3XU - Benjamin  
F2TU - Philippe
F6ETI - Philippe
F6KHM - Electrans Radio Club, Brest.
G4DZU - Doug Parker
G4HUP - Dave with info on his Flexible DFS. See also his old site - DL4MUP for info about his EME system  
G4NNS - Brian  
G4RGK - Dave, including the 432 MHz and up EME Newsletter CW/SSB Initials List  
GM4ISM - Mark
GM4JJJ - David
HA5SHF - Club Station
HB9BBD - Dominique
HB9JAW - Michel
I1NDP - Nando  
IK2MMB - Sergio
JA6AHB - Toshio
JH1KRC - Mike  
JH5LUZ - Yasumasa
K2AH - Tom
K2TXB - Russ
K5SO - Joe  
K6JEY - Doug  
K7XQ - Jeff
KB8RQ  - Gary  
KH7X - K0YW expedition to Hawaii  
KL6M - Mike
LA8LF - Anders
LU8ENU - Juan  
N1BUG - Paul
OE5JFL - Hannes
OE9ERC - Erich
OK1DFC - Zdenek  
OZ9AAR - Carsten
PAØJMV - Joop  
PA3CSG - Geert
RN6BN - Sam  
SM2CEW - Peter
SM5BSZ - Leif
SM5LE - Sven  
SM6CKU - Ben  
SM7WSJ - Håkan  
SP7DCS - Chris
UR5LX - Sergej  
VA7MM - Mark VE7CMK and Toby VE7CNF  
VE1ALQ - Darrell
VE2ZAZ - Bert  
VE4MA - Barry's article on getting started on 3400 MHz (9cm) EME  
UT5JCW - Serge  
W2UHI - Frank
W3SZ - Roger
W5UN - Dave
WA6PY - Paul
W7GJ - Lance
WA8WZG - Tom
WW2R - Dave (G4FRE)  
ZS5LEE - Lee, also with info on ZS5Y  
Solar Flux Data - NRC/DRAO at 2800 MHz
Solar Flux Data - NOAA at various frequencies


William Hepburn's VHF/UHF Tropo Ducting Forecast
PA5DD - Uffe's Blitz - Rain Scatter Point Information (QTF and QRB) for Europe  and Britain  

Other Ham pages

G3SEK's - Ian, Amateur radio technical Notebook
G3PHO - Peter, The World above 1000 MHz, including equipment for 3400 MHz
G4DDK - Sam, active on 1296 MHz to 47GHz. Check out Sam's LNA's for 23cm (1296 MHz), 13cm (2320 MHz) and 9cm (3400 MHz)
G4EQD - Nigel, lots of interesting info & links
G4KLX - Jonathan, LinWSJT and a 23cm transceiver project
GM4PMK - Roger, with links to Dubus magazine
G8ACE - John, high stability low noise OCXO's and PA's for 24 GHz
GM4WLL - David, 1296MHz activity & information 
DF5AI - Volker, Amateur radio propagation studies 
DL6NCI - Lorenz, with info on the DF9LN low noise OCXO 
HA8ET - Gyula,  with some very useful links
OH2AQ - DX Summit, DX cluster info on the web
WA6GCR - Dave, Universal Microwave PLL system
Jens T Satre - Satellite Calculations, check out what really  makes a difference to the performance your dish  
AMSAT Grid Square Convertor  

Top Lists

DF6NA - VHF - DX Toplist
432 MHz and up EME Newsletter CW/SSB Initials List - by G4RGK  

Weak Signal - Equipment, DSP etc

WSJT - Joe Taylor K1JT's amazing Weak Signal Communication  software  WSJT, JT65, WSPR and MAP65  
W7GJ's Tips -  for using JT65 in WSJT 5.9.7  
I2PHD suite of software including WinRad  
DL4YHF Audio Spectrum Analyser - Spectrum Lab  
Elecraft - High performance Transceiver kit
W5PUA - DSP10 computer based Transceiver
DC9UP & DC8SW - European DSP10 Users Info
W3SZ - Roger's experience of W5PUA's DSP10 computer based transceiver
W3SZ - Roger's experience of SM3BSZ's LinRad system
SoftRock40 - Yahoo group, Software defined radio kits and discussion  

Power Amplifiers & Tubes

23cm and 13cm SSPA's from Bert Modderman - PE1RKI  
9cm & 6cm SSPA's and other microwave assemblies and components from Ruediger Hartwig - DK6JL  
GI-7B Amplifier by S57UUU - 500W max on 23cm.
GS-15B Amplifier by KD5FZX - 300W on 23cm. Very detailed construction information... great!
GS-23b Amplifier by KD5FZX - 1KW on 23cm. Also with very detailed construction details
ND2X - Lots of information on Russian tubes and high power amplifiers
GS-23B/4CX1600U - Specification sheet & UK source for Russian tubes
GS-34Amplifier - by RW1AW - 200W or more on 23cm  
Svetlana Tubes - manufacturers of Russian tubes - Source for new Russian tubes

Components, Kits & Materials

G4DDK - LNA's for 23cm, 13cm and 9cm.  
G3NYK - Alan Melia for Tin Plate Boxes etc
G3WDG - Charlie, Microwave Components Service
GH Engineering - SS Power Amplifiers & Components for the low microwave bands  
DB6NT - Michael, Microwave Components and kits, 1.2GHz to 24GHz
DK2FD - Dirk, SS Power Amplifiers,  LNA's and Transvertors
Mini-Kits - Hi-tech RF Kits and Components, from down under...  
UKW Berichte - Coax Relays & Antennas  
RFHamdesign - Mechanical Ham Radio Equipment - Splitters, Couplers, Hybrids, PA's, Mechanical Parts and Materials  
RF Elettronica - All sorts of hard to get microwave components  
Van Dijken Elektronica  - An Electronic Goldmine, including tin plate boxes for RF projects  
Far Circuits - PCB's for many US project designs from QST,QEX & ARRL Handbook
The College Engineering Supply - A UK source for engineering materials. copper, brass, aluminium, ptfe & much more...

Surplus Equipment Suppliers

Anchor Supplies - Government surplus, including RF & Electronics  
Helmut Singer Electronik - Test Equipment, Tubes, Relays and more...
M & B Radio, Leeds, UK - Professional Electronic Test & Measurement
Surplus Electronics, NL - Lots of useful stuff - Hard to find parts including coaxial connectors, but not cheap  

Coaxial Cable & Connectors

Andrew Corporation  
RFS - Cellflex  
Huber & Suhner - If your in the USA, this looks like the place to find all the new coax you could ever need at reasonable prices... take a look  

Ham Radio Organizations, Committees and Publications

RSGB Microwave Committee
UK Microwave Group - including information on the band of the year 3400 MHz
European Microwave News
VHF Communications Magazine  

Licensing & Regulations

Ofcom - The new UK Office of Communications, the previous RA homepage and Amateur page

Callsign servers

HamCall callsign server including DXCC list  - DXCC list  
DXMaps - Callbook  

Weather Information

UK Weather from the BBC  
UK Weather from the Met Office
European Surface Pressure Charts from the Met office  
UK Rainfall Radar from the Met Office  
GB Wind Map from  

Internet to Radio Gateway... find out more

Find out how you can talk with me and many other amateurs on the Internet... we could even set up an EME net ! 
eQSO system by M0ZPD - Paul, Linking the world by radio.   Software - PC Client, Gateway & Server  - the focal point for information about eQSO
2E1EHM - David, with information about eQSO to get you started 
G4FZN - Chris
I Link system by M0CSH - Graeme, Software - PC Client & Sysop
EchoLink  by K1RFD - Jonathan. Alternative software for the I Link system - PC Client and Sysop 
IRLP system - The official  Internet Radio Linking Project site
GJ7JHF - Andy, Amateur Radio Voice Links via the Internet. Very helpful info on I Link, eQSO and IRLP.   

Internet - Web hosting, Domains, DNS...

34sp - Web hosting, my site is hosted there - Web hosting for Radio Hams
dns2go and and Dynamic Naming Service,  Dynamically associates your chosen domain name to your current IP address.
Easily - Domain names, E mail accounts & web hosting
Freeparking - Register, park & manage domain names 

Space & Science

AMSAT - The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation  
Algonquin Park Radio Observatory - Canada
Arecibo Observatory - Puerto Rico
Greenbank Observatory - USA
Jodrell Bank Observatory - UK
Nancay Observatory - France
Onsala Space Observatory - Sweden
Owens Valley Radio Observatory - USA  
NASA Home page
Kennedy Space Center
Ham Radio on the International Space Station -ISS

Local Interest

Scunthorpe Steel Amateur Radio Club

Search Engines - Probably the best search engine

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