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G4CCH Video/Audio Stream

I now have a live video/audio stream on the BATC website which I will run to demonstrate 23 and 13cm EME when I can.


N9JIM at the 30m Jamesburg dish in California, USA
Working G4CCH on 23cm EME


NA6MF EME operation from Yuri's Night at Moffet Airfield California, USA
Working OK1DFC on 23cm EME


LA9NEA with his home made 5.4m dish in Norway
Working K5SO on 23cm EME


PI9CAM from the 25m dish at Dwingeloo, Holland
Working ON7UN on 23cm EME


OX2K from the 32m dish in Greenland
Their 1st ever 23cm EME QSO with G3LTF


G4CCH in QSO with OK2DL (recording by Zdenek OK1DFC)
Marek's first time on 23cm EME, with 6m dish and 400W... great signals!!!
See also OK2DL's webpage - http://ok2dl.blogspot.com


G4CCH in SSTV received at PI9CAM
My first SSTV QSO and on 23cm EME

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