5th April 2009

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Quick Update

23cm EME

1st April
0912 JT65c ZL1WN RO(-23)/O for digital Initial and Grid, and DXCC... Ross has a 4.5m dish and 200W. We had a very short window (10 min!) due to obstructions at my end, and the extra noise at low elevations limits my RX performance

2nd April
1636 JT65c 5N0EME RO(-21)/O for Digital Initial and Grid, DXCC and 1st G to 5N0 (Nigeria)... Bodo was using a 2.4m dish, W0LMD circular polarised patch feed, 100W and no pre amp

4th April
1932 CW DF1SR 569/569 for Initial
2016 CW HB9BBD 599/599
2035 CW LA9NEA 569/569
2050 CW SM6FHZ 569/569
2100 CW I5MPK 549/559
2117 CW VE3KRP 559/579
2214 CW VE4SA RO(569)/O
2229 CW VE4MA 569/569... good to see you on 23cm again Barry!
2253 JT65c VA3TO -18(RO)/O
2320 CW VA3TO O/RO for CW Initial and Grid

5th April
1721 JT65c JH1IGC RO/O for digital Initial and Grid... 5.2m dish, manual tracking and only 2W at the feed
1741 JT65c RW3BP RO(-25)/O... Sergey was testing with his 2.7m dish and 5W!

13cm EME

No activity so far this month

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