29th March 2009

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Quick Update

23cm EME

1st March

1516 CW SM6FHZ 569/559
1927 JT65c PA3FXB R-12/-09
1937 JT65c RD3DA -08/R-08
2027 JT65c VA3TO RO(-19)/O(-15)... This was Hugh's first QSO on 23cm EME with a 2.3m dish, G4DDK VLNA and 50W or so at the feed.

7th March
1349 JT65c RW3BP RO(-14)/O(-07)... I only had 4deg elevation and my noise floor was 5dB higher due to ground noise

1358 JT65c RD3DA -12/R-10
1457 CW SM6FHZ 569/559

2056 JT65c OZ/DJ8MS RO/O portable in JO56 for Initial and Grid... Tor was using a 67 el yagi with about 80W at the feed point

2118 CW K2DH 569/569
2126 JT65c K8EB RO(-22)/O for Initial... Erv has a 3m dish and 200W

8th March

2113 JT65c OZ/DJ8MS portable in JO66 for Initial and Grid... some problems decoding due to drift on Tor's tvtr, but copied OK by moving my RIT

2133 CW I5MPK 559/569
2158 CW K2DH 569/569
2207 SSB K2DH 55/55

29th March
0700 JT65c RD3DA -11/R-09
0710 JT65c VK2JDS -14/R-06... Dave also copied my SSB, but low Moon elevation and high noise from obstructions prevented a QSO
0810 CW 589/589
0817 CW UT5JCW 559/569
1443 CW LA9NEA 569/569
1458 CW IW2FZR 579/579
1507 CW K2DH 579/579
1730 JT65c RW6AG RO(-11)/O(-09)
2049 JT65c K7XQ RO(-14)/O

13cm EME

No activity so far this month

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