14th January 2008

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Quick Update

23cm EME

1st January
1818 JT65c PY1KK RO(-14)/O for Initial and Grid... Bruce (PY2BS) was operating from GG76 using a 4.5m dish, manual tracking, septum feed, and 100W.

  PY1KK - 4.5m dish & Septum Feed... and an idylic location!  

1828 JT65c G4CBW RO(-16)O... Tony now has a 3m dish with horizontal linear feed and 250W, CW QSO's are possible.

2nd January
1827 JT65c RD3DA -13/R-12
1901 JT65c SV1OE -18/R-14

4th January
2024 CW K2AH 569/579... Dave was using his new 500W SSPA... great signal!
2238 JT65c HB9HAL RO(-3)/O and 55/53 on SSB

9th January
1914 JT65c V5/KT6Q RO/O and -22 best for Initial, Grid, DXCC and FIRST G to V5 on 23cm... Dan was using Bodo's (DL3OCH) highly successful portable system comprising 59 el yagi and 80W (built by DJ9YW).

2300 CW G4CBW 549/529
2329 CW N2UO 559/559

10th January
0139 CW W4OP 559/579
0153 CW NA4N 569/559

2040 CW SP6JLW 579/569
2047 CW SM6FHZ 579/549
2054 CW HB9BBD 599/589
2106 CW SP7DCS 569/559
2123 JT65c ES5PC RO(-07)/O
2255 CW K2DH 569/579

Also heard IK5WJD on CW and later on JT65c

14th January
2248 JT65c V5/KT6Q RO(-25)/O


No activity this month

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