20th December 2008

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Quick Update

6th December
1838 JT65c LZ1DX O/RO for Initial, Grid, DXCC and first G to LZ on 23cm... Ned has 4x35 el yagis and 300W
Ned has copied me several times before, but we never managed to complete until now... the difference was he increased his TX power.
Thanks a lot for the QSO Ned!

  LZ1DX - 4 x 35 el yagis  

1854 JT65c UR5LX O/RO
1902 JT65c PA3FXB -14/R-11
1930 CW RW3PX 559/569

11th December
1824 JT65c RW3BP -14/R-14... Sergey was using his tropo system, 4 x 59 el yagi and 1.2dB NF LNA
1849 JT65c EA3XU RO(-24)/O

13th December
2001 CW JA4BLC 569/569
2010 CW SM6FHZ 579/569 for Initial and Grid... good to meet you again Ingolf! from your new grid JO57XJ
2019 CW SP6JLW 579/569
2205 CW SP7DCS 559/569
2238 CW SV3AAF 579/579
2247 CW LA9NEA 579/569
2336 CW OZ6OL 569/569
2356 JT65c PY2BS -17/O(-14)

14th December
0058 JT65c W3HMS O/O for Initial... thanks John, next time we will do it on CW
0118 JT65c UA9FAD RO(-25)/O
0135 CW W9IIX 559/549

Also heard - PA3CSG, I5MPK, OK1DFC, NA4N, and W5LUA

2231 CW ON4BCB 589/559
2256 SSB OK1DFC 57/56
2317 JT65c PA3FXB -11/O(-10)
2331 JT65c EA3XU -27/RO
2351 JT65c OE3SJA RO(-24)/O(-17)

20th December
0740 JT65c EH3CT O/RO... special event callsign for Christmas, operated by EA3XU
0811 CW LA9NEA 569/569
0835 JT65c LA9NEA RO(-11)/O
0858 CW IW2FZR 569/569


No activity this month


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