27th September 2008

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13th September
2002 JT65c PY2BS O(-20)/RO for Initial... Bruce is using a 2.7m dish and 100W

  PY2BS - 2.7m dish with Septum Feed  

2148 JT65c YL3AG -25/R-15
2230 JT65c RW6AG RO(-15)/O for Initial and Grid... Nick is using a 3.7m dish and 70W
2310 CW SV3AAF 569/569

15th September
2107 CW UT5JCW 559/559
Was also copied at -25 in JT65c test with LZ1DX

17th September
2020 JT65c VK2JDS R-18/O

18th September
2015 JT65c JH0TOG O/RO for Initial... Yoshida is QRPP using only a 2.3m dish and 10W

  JH0TOG - Yoshida's 2.3m dish  

2030 CW VK2JDS O/O for CW Initial
2205 JT65c JA1WQF O(-19)/RO for Initial


19th September

2023 CW OM/OK1DFC 549/539 for Initial, Grid and DXCC
2221 CW RW1AW 599/599 and 59/58 on SSB

ARI XV EME Contest Weekend - 20th and 21st September
I was active on 13cm only during the contest weekend, and had a great time. This was my first experience of an EME Contest on 13cm, and there was plenty of activity and some exceptionally strong signals predominantly from HB9SV, RW1AW, OH2DG and G3LTF.

I managed to make a total of 30 QSO’s, and added 15 Initials and 3 DXCC’s in my log... a fantastic result for me and well beyond what I had expected. Many thanks to ALL for all the QSO’s and especially Zdenek for another great expedition… lots of effort again, well done.

As promised, I took the opportunity demonstrate 13cm EME by streaming some video and audio through the BATC website, and at times I saw up to 16 viewers… I hope they found it interesting. I hope to do this again during future activity weekends, and will try to improve the camera position and include the TX audio next time.

20th September
0025 CW OK1CA 589/559 for Initial
0036 CW ES5PC 589/569
0043 CW OH2DG 589/559 Initial and DXCC
0050 CW HB9SV 589/569 Initial and DXCC
0056 CW G3LTF 589/579
0135 CW SD3F 559/559... Karl, SM3AKW
0520 CW G3LQR 559/559 Initial
0538 CW WD5AGO 559/O Xband
0549 CW K1JT 579/559 Xband Initial
0615 CW DL4MEA 569/569 Initial
0634 CW DL1YMK 559/569 Initial
0653 CW SP6GWN 569/549
0849 CW WA6PY 569/569 Xband Initial
0917 CW F2TU 589/569
0943 CW NA4N 559/569 Xband
1010 CW SM2CEW 559/559

2231 CW VK3NX 559/549 Xband Initial and Grid
2254 CW DF3RU 559/559 Initial
2311 SSB LX1DB 57/55 Initial and DXCC... listen to ssb from Willi LX1DB in QSO with G3LTF
2330 CW F5JWF  569/579 Initial
2339 CW OM/OK1DFC again 559/559… much stronger this time, thanks Zdenek for another great expedition

21st September
0010 CW DF9QX 559/539
0051 CW HB9Q 589/559 Initial
0557 CW RW3BP 569/569 Initial
0626 CW VE6TA 569/569
0800 CW OZ4MM 579/559
0836 CW RW1AW 599/599 and 58/58 on SSB... fantastic signal from Alex! Listen to ssb from Alex RW1AW in QSO with G3LTF
0849 CW DL7YC O/RO Initial… 1.9m dish, linear feed and 130W… thanks Manfred
1058 CW W5LUA 589/569
1112 CW WW2R 559/O

27th September
1026 CW GW3XYW 549/539
1040 CW RW1AW 599/599
1247 CW WW2R 549/539 Xband 2320/2304MHz

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