27th July 2008

Hyperlinks in reports below are to Real Audio files... you can download the latest version of Real Audio Player for free at  www.real.com ... more clips to add later 

Quick Update


24th July
0538 CW RW1AW 599/589... Alex was using a 6m solid dish, and 500W SSPA at the feedpoint... massive signal!!!! Here's what Alex heard from me

  RW1AW - Focus Module with 500W SSPA for 13cm      

26th July
0637 CW RW1AW 599/589
0712 CW SM3AKW 559/559 for Initial and Grid
0826 CW IW2FZR 559/559

2328 JT65c VK7MO -23/-25 for Initial and Grid, xband 2320/2301... signal levels were poor due to drift on the LO at my end.
2342 CW VK7MO O/O, xband 2320/2301... Rex is using a 2.2m dish, Round Septum feed and 120W.

27th July
0830 CW SP6GWN 559/O
1052 CW K7XQ O(539)/549 for Initial and Grid, xband 2320/2304
1230 CW WW2R 559/559... nice sigs from Dave, xband 2320/2304

You can find more details of my Initials and standings here

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