18th May 2008

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Quick Update

1st May
0702 CW DL1YMK/CX 559/559 in Uruguay... for Initial, Grid and DXCC... many thanks Michael and Monika, great job... I'm working frantically now to be on 13cm on 9th May.

  DL1YMK in CX - Uruguay      

1128 JT65c GM3SBC 

3rd May
1239 CW SV3AAF 569/559... for Initial... many thanks Petros, great to see you on 23cm EME

4th May
0650 JT65c T7/HB9EHJ (DL3OCH) in San Marino for Initial, DXCC and First G to T7... Bodo was -22dB best, with only 100W and a 59 El long yagi



QRV 13cm EME  - 12th May

I finally got my 13cm station going last weekend and made my first QSO's by EME.

The motivation to get things going was DL1YMK's expedition to CX - Uruguay. Michael and Monika had a special permit to operate on 13cm,
and provided many with an illusive chance to work South America on 13cm as well as 23 and 70 cm.

I was fortunate to work them on 23cm CW on 1st May, but had a lot of work to do if I was to work them on the last scheduled day - 9th May
on 13cm. Unfortunately, I wasn't ready on the 9th and it looked like the chance had evaporated, then Michael announced that he would take
some extra skeds on the evening of the 11th.

I worked all weekend, and finally heard my echoes at 2030z on 11th May, and made my first QSO with Peter G3LTF (mp3) 569/569 at 2120z after a
phone call to let him know that I was on. Thanks Peter for the fantastic first QSO... #1

By 2100 the doppler was > - 4KHz... something that I had forgotten to take account of, and beyond the RIT range of my old FT107 IF. So I
had to quickly connect up another transceiver to transmit on.

I heard Michael calling CQ prior to my sked at 2200z and called him at 2155, the QSO was completed by 2202z, O/O... #2, mission accomplished, phew!!!

Also heard were SD3F, PA0BAT and OH2DG.

Also worked:
13/05 PA0BAT 559/549... #3
14/05 OZ4MM 569/559... #4
16/05 OE9ERC 579/569... #5

My system is 5.4m dish, Round Septum feed, 250W SSPA and G4DDK LNA.... more details and photo's later

Currently the SSPA is in the shack, so with approx 3dB cable loss I have approx 125W at the feed. Eventually, the SSPA will be relocated
nearer the feedpoint.

Transverting from 2320 to 28MHz is done using a DB6NT tranverter kit to 144MHz, and my low power version of G3XDY's 144 to 28MHz

The whole system is currently a "lash up" by my usual standards, so I have some tidyng up and optimisation to do.

I also have more work to do so that I can receive on the various frequencies used in other countries around the world - 2304 USA, 2301
VK, and 2424 JA... hopefully I will have 2304 and maybe 2301 ready by next month.

Many thanks to ALL that have helped my over the last 18 months with this project including Sam G4DDK, John G3XDY, Doug G4DZU and Peter
G3LTF and of course Michael DL1YMK for another fantastic expedition.

You can find more details of my Initials and standings here


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