14th April 2008

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Quick Update

Not much activity for the last few weeks due to bad weather and work commitments...

9th March
0757 CW VK4AFL 559/549, 0927 JT65c SM5LE RO/O, 1029 JT65c RD3DA -10/R-08, 1040 CW SM5LE 549/559, 1047 CW RD3DA 569/559, 1052 CW SV1OE 569/559, and 1759 JT65c VE7BBG R-14/-09.

14th March
1942 JT65c PA3FXB -16/R-13 and 1956 JT65c G4DZU -17/R-11.

16th March
1914 CW SM5LE 549/559, 1938 JT65c SM5LE -16/O(-12), 2130 CW K5JL 589/589, 2140 CW WA8RJF 549/O(529) for initial... Tony has a 3m dish and 180W, and 2237 JT65c VE7BBG R-15/-09.

22nd March
It was very windy here until about 2330z (21st March). Fortunately the wind dropped for 2 hours or so, and I was able to work Bodo DL3OCH in Monaco.
0024 JT65c 3A/DL3OCH RO/O... from Monte Carlo harbour, Monaco for Initial, Grid, DXCC and First G to 3A

Here's the latest info from Bodo on his mini expedition

  3A/DL3OCH - operating from Monte Carlo Harbour  


5th April

0639 JT65c VK2KRR RO/O and -18/-13 best, for Initial and Grid ... This was Leigh's first 23cm EME QSO. He has a 3.7m dish, linear feed and 120W.

  VK2KRR - 3.7m dish and linear feed at 40ft  

1000 CW UT5JCW O/O(559) for Initial and Grid... This was Serge's first 23cm EME QSO. He has a 3.7m TVRO dish, RA3AQ Septum feed and 25W.

  UT5JCW - 3.7m dish and RA3AQ Septum Feed  

10th April
1827 JT65c RD3DA -10/R-07, 1835 JT65c SV1OE -14/R-17, 1914 JT65c PA3FXB -15/R-10 and 2007 JT65c PE1HNG R-17/-12.

11th April
1945 Long JT65c test with SV1OE to test limits of QRP... I copied Costa down to 2.5W at -29dB, -12dB best with 350W.
2230 CW LA9NEA 569/569 and 2243 CW AL7RT 559/579.

12th April
1557 JT65c SM5LE -16/R-09, 1605 JT65c RD3DA -13/R-08, 1615 JT65c UT5JCW -22/RO... 3.7m dish and 20 to 25W, 1940 CW VE3KRP O(549)/569, 1946 CW OK1DFC 589/589.

1956 CW NA6MF O/RO for Initial from the NASA 6 Moffet Field... demonstrating EME at the Yuri's Day event, Yuri Gagarin was the first Man in space on April 12th 1961. Goran AD6IW and some of the Jamesburg Team operated under the NASA Ames Club callsign using a 12ft dish, Septum feed and 600W.

  NA6MF - Goran AD6IW operating, 12ft dish   The NASA  Team...  

2102 CW W9IIX 559/559.

13th April
1315 JT65c R-09/O, 1327 CW RD3DA 569/569, 1335 CW SM5LE 559/559, 2042 JT65c G4DZU -11/O, 2108 JT65c PA3FXB -15/R-12.

14th April
1923 ON4BCB 579/559.

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