25th August 2007

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Quick Update

Finally found the cause of my noisy elevation jack...

Like most satellite TV actuators, the motor end of my jack is mounted on a pivot, offset from the centre line of the screw. This causes something called eccentric loading, and the inner tube to rub against the outer... in my case at the top.

Adding additional counterbalance weight helps reduce magnitude of the eccentric load, but in windy conditions the dish yaws up and down as the jack rocks on the motor end pivot point.

To cure this, the jack will need to be mounted so that it pivots on axis with the screw. With load in line with the screw, there should be no binding and no unwanted movement.

Just need to sort out how to do the mechanics now...

4th August
0626 CW G3LTF 579/569, 0650 JT65c DK3SE -14/RO, 0724 CW SP6JLW 559/569.

5th August
0559 JT65c RD3DA -8/O(-7), 0604 JT65c SM5LE -12/R-14, 0637 CW RD3DA 559/559, 0644 CW ON5RR 559/569, 0700 CW SM5LE 559/559, 0756 CW SM2CEW 569/579, 1224 CW K2UYH 569/569.

Also heard briefly K0ALL a few degrees before my Moonset, but too late for a QSO.

11th August
0652 JT65c SM5LE -12/O(-12), 0842 JT65c -09/R-07, 1055 JT65c G4RGK -24/R-14, 1150 CW SP6JLW 559/559, 1203 CW N2UO 569/569 and SM5LE CW 559/559. 

Also heard LA9NEA 559, W7UPF 559 and WB2BYP 559

15th August
0909 JT65c RD3DA RO(-11)/O

25th August
2032 JT65c DF0MFG O(-21)/RO


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