22nd July 2007

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Quick Update

More problems with my elevation jack this month... its become very noisy, and seems to be struggling with the additional weight of the new stainless mesh and reinforcing plates added to the hub. Looks like I will need a more powerful actuator... hopefully not

7th July - AW
0635 CW K9SLQ 599/589, 0807 CW RD3DA 559/559... Yuri has a new 3.6m dish and 250W SSPA, so look out for him, 0925 SSB AD6IW 57/57.

  RD3DA - Yuri's new 3.6m Dish with RA3AQ Improved Septum Feed  

8th July - AW
0700 JT65c GW3XYW RO(-8)/O(-6), 0721 SSB K9SLQ 58/58, 0856 CW 569/569, 0921 CW SP6JLW 559/559 and 0928 CW WB2BYP 559/519.

15th July
0614 CW VK4AFL 559/559, 0645 JT65c RD3DA RO(-7)/O(-8), 0709 SM5LE R-12/)(-12)... Sven's receiving better now with his new cavity LNA, 0822 CW SM5LE 559/559, 1120 JT65c GW3XYW RO(-8)/O(-5), 1733 CW VE6TA 569/579 and 1756 JT65c VE7BBG RO(-12)/)(-10).

I have a good window between the houses at Moonset with high northern declination, and was copying my CW echoes down to 3 deg elavation.

18th July
1835 JT65c RD3DA R-09/O(-09). RW3BP also reported copying me on his new 4x50 el tropo array (28dB gain) at -17dB best close to his horizon.

20th July
1839 JT65c RD3DA -10/RO and 1848 JT65c DK3SE O(-16)/RO(-16). I called CQ and spotted myself on DXCluster hoping for some well equipped Eu tropo stations to try, but no takers this time.

21st July
1719 JT65c RD3DA RO(-11)/O(-9).

The following stations also copied my JT65c CQ calls:

RW3BP -14dB... 4 x50 el yagis with elevation
EA3DXU -22dB... 2 x 35 el yagis
DK3SE 19dB... 4x35 el yagis

1815 JT65c partial with DK3SE O(-28)/NIL... Salvo was only running 5W to the feedpoint of his 2.2m dish with patch feed. The Moon was very low, and I had some blockage which increase my noise floor by 2dB or so, making reception of weak signals difficult. I'm sure we could complete with 5W with Higher declination and lower path loss.

22nd July
1811 JT65c RD3DA RO(-10)/O, 1817 DK3SE RO(-16)/O(-17)... this time with 200W


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