17th June 2007

Hyperlinks in reports below are to Real Audio files... you can download the latest version of Real Audio Player for free at  www.real.com ... more clips to add later 

Quick Update

9th June
0600 CW sked with SV1OE (Greece) O(559)/RO for Initial, Grid and DXCC... Costa has a 3m dish and 500W, 0620 CW GW3XYW 569/569,
0700 CW RW1AW 589/589... this was Alex's first QSO after expanding his 8m dish to 9m diameter

  RW1AW - Alex has expanded his 8m dish to 9m to improve illumination on 70cm with his rotatable dual dipole feed  

0852 to 0932 JT65c GM3SBC -13/-10.

10th June
0920 CW DK3SE RO(539)/O for our first CW QSO... Salvo has a 2.2m dish, circular patch feed and 200W, 0940 JT65c DK3SE -14/RO(-18), 1003 CW AD6IW 589/589... from the 30m Jamesburg Dish, 1313 SSB K9SLQ 58/58 and joined by W7BBM 55/55.

Signals were very good over the weekend with the Moon close to Perigee, unfortunately activity was very low. Here's a clip of my SSB echoes about 1hr before Moonset.

16th June - AW
0846 CW IZ1BPN 569/569, 0851 CW SM5LE 559/559, 0937 JT65c SM5LE -12/O(R-11)

1011 to 1029 JT65c EA3DXU O(-27)/RO(-22 best) for Initial and Grid... Josep was using 2 x 35 el M2 Yagis, 70W and an HB9BBD LNA. This was his first EME QSO on 23cm.

1057 to 1107 JT65c EA3DXU O/RO... completely random QSO in response to my CQ.

1344 CW ZS6AXT 569/569, 1352 CW IW2FZR 569/569, 1411 CW N2UO 559/559, 1437 CW F5HRY 569/539, 1734 CW SM5LE 559/449 and 1840 JT65c VE7BBG R-15/O(-09).

17th June - AW??? where was the activity???
0652 CW VK4AFL 559/579 on my Moonrise... Trevor improved to 569 as the Moon started to clear my local obstructions.
0831 CW LA9NEA  559/549
Thats all folks...

You can find more details of my Initials and standings here


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