27th May 2007

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Quick Update

11th May
0814-0845 JT65c test with DD7PC NIL/-24 best... 1 x 48 el flexa yagi, 170W
0845-0851 JT65c test with GM3SBC -14/R-12... Ed now has a 3.2m dish and 125W, seems to be working well

Ed's new 3.2m dish with circular patch feed, mounted on his old 1.8m dish

0901-0912 JT65c called by UT3LL O(-26)/NIL, lost Valery's sigs after 2nd over

12th May
0450 CW HB9BBD 599/599, 0509 JT65c ES5PC R-08/O(-08), 0529 SSB HB9BBD 59/58, 0550 SSB RW1AW 56/57-8... with a new RA3AQ designed dual mode septum feed, 0726 JT65c DK3SE R-16/O, 0818 CW TF/DL1YMK - Iceland 559/559 for Initial and Grid... HP84us

Michael and Monika in Iceland

Also heard SV1OE, but QRM near 1296.010 made a QSO impossible... another time

13th May
0727 JT65c SM5LE -15/R-16, 0811 JT65c PE1HNG RO(-17)/O(-14), 0835 JT65c UT3LL O(-27)/RO(-16)... Valery was using a 3m dish and only 20W, 0911 CW DL4MEA 569/549, 0920 CW SP6JLW 559/559, 0930 CW IK3COJ 569/569... Aldo has a 3.8m dish and 300W, 1107 JT65c pre amp #1 test for DK3SE -15/-23, 1123 JT65c pre amp #2 test for DK3SE -15/-26, 1353 CW W7UPF 569/559.

Also heard LA9NEA 549

15th May
0955 CW TF/DL1YMK 559/559... nice sigs again from Michael and Monika

19th May - Dubus EME Contest CW/SSB
1005 JA4BLC, 1010 RW3BP, 1014 IK2MMB, 1023 SP6JLW, 1028 ES5PC, 1035 F5JWF for Initial, 1042 SM5LE, 1048 RW1AW, 1055 LA9NEA, 1102 DL4MEA, 1110 G4RGK, 1117 G3LTF.

1130-1217 JT65c test with RA3IS Nil/Nil.

1230 TF/DL1YMK, 1316 DL4DTU, 1321 IW2FZR, 1333 SM3AKW, 1342 F5HRY, 1556 IZ1BPN, 1600 K4QI, 1615 OH2DG, 1620 ZS6AXT, 1645 AD6IW for Initial, 1718 ES6RQ, 1744 VE6TA, 1747 W7UPF lost.

1758-1818 JT65c DJ9YW/P in JO41qw O(-24)/RO for Initial and Grid

Heinrich operated QRP mobile from JO41 with his 4m long yagi (18.7 dBd) and 80watts

1913 OZ4MM, 1922 NA4N, 1944 WA6PY, 1952 WW2R, 2007 K2UYH, 2106 AL7RT, 2112 KL6M, 2118 W7UPF, 2143 SSB AD6IW, 2241 SSB AD6IW.

20th May - Dubus EME Contest CW/SSB
0858 JT65c BY4RSA China RO(-19)/O(-21) in OM92fa... DL3OCH expedition with 1.8m dish, patch feed and 90W, for Initial, Grid and DXCC
First G to BY

DL3OCH with 1.8m dish and patch feed, operating "al fresco"
with the operators at Jiangsu DX club near Nanjing China
As a result of Bodo's activity there, the local hams here will invest into a nice EME station to be on air on 2m, 70cm and 23cm. They are eager to become Chinese EME station number one here to also participate on several EME contests

1014 ON4BCB, 1022 JA6AHB, 1029 JA8ERE, 1040 JA4LJB, 1048 IK3COJ, 1706 LA8AV, 1715 GW3XYW, 1925 LA8LF, 1931 ON7UN, 1935 HB9SV, 1939 G3LQR, 1950 SSB G3LTF, 2100 SSB VE6TA, 2110 SSB AD6IW.

21st May
0930-0938 JT65c BY4RSA -21/RO, 0940-0950 JT65c VK7MO -20/R-17, 1841 JT65c GM3SBC -16/R-13, 1855-1903 JT65c R-16/O.

22nd May
1012-1132 Long test with VK7MO first on JT65c then on JT65a. We didn't notice any sensitivity improvement over JT65c. Note 1: I'm not using a synthesised transceiver... my setup is an old FT107m with a a VFO! plus HB transverter with an OCXO. I didn't think it would be stable enough for JT65a, but seemed OK down to -28. Note: 2 Looks like I clicked on the wrong call at 1128 so my messages were wrong from that point onwards... may explain why Rex didn't copy me after that too.


screen shots of our JT65a test on 23cm

23rd May
1100-1150 JT65c test with GM4CXM at Moonrise -27best/Nil... Ray has 4x23 el yagi's and 150W
1928-1947 JT65c DK3SE -17/RO(-18)

26th May
2054 JT65c OZ6OL O(-13)/RO, 2136 JT65c RW3BP -13/R-08... improved to -11/-07

27th May
2119 JT65c DK3SE R-16/O(-17)


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