29th April 2007

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All contacts are on CW unless otherwise stated.

Quick Update

I finally managed to complete the repairs to my dish on 20th April, and after a few problems made my first QSO with SM3AKW at 2120. Over the next few days I made some 37 QSO's and added some Initials with AL7RT, KH7X, JR4AEP, OY/DL3OCH, TF/DL3OCH x 2 and PE1HNG. All seems to be working as before, and I hope to resume work on equipment for 13cm EME very soon.

Here's the log (all contacts are on CW unless otherwise stated)

20th April
2120 SM3AKW 569/569, 2139 AL7RT559/559, 2156 OK1KIR 569/569, 2238 KL6M 559/579, 2330 WA5WCP 559/579.

21st April
0756 KH7X 549/559 Hawaii (BL01) for Initial and Grid

0829 VK3UM 569/569, 0843 G3LTF 569/569, 0856 VK4AFL 559/569, 0901 JR4AEP569/559, 0942 SM5LE549/559, 0957 JA4BLC 569/569, 1030 SM5LE -10/R-13 on JT65c, 1428 LA9NEA 569/569, 1443 F6KHM 589/559 and 55/55 on SSB, 1631 G4RGK 549/569, 1757 SM5LE -12/R-12 on JT65c, 2046 ON7UN 579/579 and 2109 N2UO 559/559.

22nd April
1323 G4RGK 549/559, 1402 IZ1BPN 569/559, 1757 SM5LE 549/559, 1812 K9SLQ 599/599... wow!

23rd April
1007 HB9Q -09/R-07
1130 OY/DL3OCH Faeroe Is (IP62) O/RO(-24) on JT65c for Initial, Grid and DXCC... Bodo was using 1 x59 el yagi and 80W.
1311 PA3FXB 559/529.

24th April
1215 JA4BLC 569/569
1836 TF/DL3OCH Iceland (IP15) O/RO(-24) on JT65c for Initial, Grid and DXCC... First G to TF

25th April
1803 PE1HNG RO/O(-20) on JT65c
1836 TF/DL3OCH (HP95) O/RO(-24) on JT65c for Initial and Grid.

Bodo left his mast in OY, so had to use a road sign as a mast for his yagi


26th April
1412 JA6AHB RO(-16)/O on JT65c.

28th April
1816 SP6JLW 559/559, 1856 ES5PC -10/R-08 on JT65c, 2217 ON7UN 589/589 and 2240 F6KHM 55/55 on SSB.

29th April
1840 ES5PC RO(-09)/O(-07) on JT65c, 1907 DK3SE O(-20)/RO(-24).

2115 to 2118 Tested with G4BAO, John is using 4 x 23 el and 40W. He received his first 23cm EME sigs (JT65c) from me, -25dB best. We hope to try for a QSO soon.


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