6th June 2006

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All contacts are on CW unless otherwise stated.

Dubus WW EME Contest, 23cm Section - 6th & 7th May 2006
I was active for the contest and made 52 QSO's for a total score of 52 x 31 x 100 = 161200 points. Activity was good on Saturday, but a bit sparse on Sunday making it difficult to find new stations to work.

Gotaways... F5HRY,  JA4LJB, SM5LE, SP6JLW,  and UR5LX.

6th May
OH2DG, JA4BLC, IK3COJ, VK4AFL, ES5PC, DL4DTU, JA8IAD, SM3AKW, OZ6OL, DL1YMK, LA8LF, UT3LL, JA6AHB, OK1KIR, ON7UN, IK2MMB, F6CGJ, RW3BP, IZ1BPN for Initial # 231... thanks Steve and welcome to 23cm EME, OK1CA, F2TU, N2UO, ES6RQ, PY5ZBU, HB9SV, K2UYH, IW2FZR, NA4N, W7UPF, WW2R, G3LTF, VE6TA, K5JL, OZ4MM, WA6PY, VA7MM, OK1DFC, K5PJR, F6KHM ssb, K4QI, W9IIX & K7XQ.

7th May
HB9BBD, VK4TL, HB9Q, G3LQR, SM2CEW, UT3LL (dup), LX1DB ssb, G4DDK, SM3LBN, K0YW, & K5SO.

26th May
1137 - 1152 SM5LE O/RO (-16/-21dB) on JT65c
1650 - 1725 DL7YC O/RO (-18db best) on JT65c, for Initial and new grid... This was Manfred's first 23cm EME QSO with 4 x 67 element SHF Yagi and 190W at the feedpoint, nice signal Manfred.

Here's a screenshot of our QSO

Here's Manfred "73" shortcode to me in specJT

28th May
0730 - 0800 JT65c test with DK3SE... nil this time, will try again.
0808 KL6M 559/569 on the "long path"
0950 - 1004 JT65c test with UA3MBJ... Nik copied me -24 to -26 on his 40 el yagi, but has no PA yet.
1025 G3LQR 559/559.
1410 - 1416 OK1KIR RO/O (-8dB best) on JT65c.
1428 SM3AKW 569/569, 1433 LA8LF 569/569 and 1701 K5JL 579/579.

2006 - 2012 K2UYH/VP9 (Bermuda) RO/O (-23db) on JT65c for DXCC, and Initial.
I was really fortunate to make this QSO with Al after he finally discovered that the reason none of his skeds had worked was incorrect polarisation sense. Hopefully, Al managed to make a few more QSO's afterwards.

From Al's report afterwards, it seems that I was the only station that he worked.

Here's a screen shot of our QSO:

Here's Al's "73" short code to me in specJT

31st May
1320 - 1332 DL7YC RO/O (-18/-22dB) on JT65c  and 1350 - 1424 DL7YC M/MR on CW... well done Manfred.

1900 OZ6OL 559/569, also heard W5ORH (K5JL?)

1st June
0910 to 0922 VK7MO RO/O (-17/-17dB) on JT65c. Rex was much stronger than in our previous QSO, after adding a choke to his septum polariser, increasing the dish height slightly, and lopping a large branch off one of the trees obstructing his window to Eu..

The whole QSO was completed between 3.5 and 6.5 deg elevation and Rex's signal improved from -24 to -17dB... I normally don't hear anyone below 7 deg elevation to the East, so great job Rex. Anyone wanting to work Rex on CW will have a much easier time I'm sure.

2nd June
1318 to 1330 JA6AHB RO/O (-12/-9dB) on JT65.
1442 IW2FZR 569/569, 1449 RW1AW 579/589... Alex was testing his new 8m dish

1820 CT3/DL1YMK (Madeira) 559/559 for Initial, new grid and DXCC... nice signals from Michael and Monica when they managed to find the Moon.

2034 K5PJR 559/559, 2100 ES5PC 559/569. Shortly afterwards, I flashed a tube over in my 6 tube PA... so I was off the air to make repairs.

3rd June
1230 VK3UM 569/569. Then blew another tube, off again. 1811 DF3RU 579/579, 1824 RW1AW 56/58 on SSB, 1855 OK1CA 579/579, 2047 OK1DFC 579/579, 2113 WW2R 549/539, 2124 K5PJR 559/569, 2134 OE9ERC 589/579, 2146 OK1KIR 569/559 and 2154 G3LTF 569/569.

4th June
1820 SM6CKU 569/559... Ben was using a new GS-15 PA and 200W, much louder now. 1917 G4DDK 549/559, 1946 CT3/DL1YMK 559/559 and 2058 DF9QX 569/559.


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