4th May 2006

Hyperlinks in reports below are to Real Audio files... you can download the latest version of Real Audio Player for free at  www.real.com ... more clips to add later 

All contacts are on CW unless otherwise stated.

1st April - AW
1240 SM5LE O/RO, 1326 LA9NEA 559/559, 1605 SM3LBN 559/559, 1900 OZ6OL JT65c O/RO (-13dB), 1919 VA7MM JT65c O/RO (-13dB), also heard W7UPF on CW.

2nd April - AW
0810 VK4AFL 559/569, 0820 VK3UM 569/569, 0830 VK4TL 559/419, 0950 IW2FZR 569/569, 1003 IK2MMB 569/569, 1046 SM5LE JT65c O/RO (-17dB), 1210 heard LA8?? responding to my CQ... turned out to be LA8AV... maybe next time, 1427 LA9NEA 569/559, 1459 F1ANH 569/559, 1600 called LA8AV several times... nil response, 1837 VE7BBG JT65c O/RO (-17dB), 1950 OE5VRL RO/O for initial  # 224... Rudi has a 3m dish & 100W.

3rd April
1824 LA8AV 549/549 for initial #225.... Egil is new on 23cm EME and has a 3m dish and 400W.

2000 YU/DL3OCH (Serbia) O/RO (-25dB best)  KN04 on JT65c... success!

4th April
1826 HB9Q O/RO (-7dB best) on JT65c.

2030 YU/DL3OCH (Serbia) Incomplete, O/RO (-26 to -31dB) in KN02 on JT65c... some confusion with modes and local problems at Bodo's end.

5th April
1128 VK4TL 549/449, 1139 VK4AFL 559/559, 1530 OH2DG 569/569.

6th April
1200 - 1208 Tested JT65c with VK4AFL... Completed in 8 minutes O/RO, Trevor was -17 to -24dB. We were  both transmitting with 50W, and could have easily completed with less power.

2130 - 2200 Z3/DL3OCH (Macedonia)  -25dB best with 11 solid decodes from Bodo on JT65b, but no copy at his end... cloud and rain caused aiming problems.

2245 - 2257 Z3/DL3OCH  O/RO (-25 to -29dB) in KN01 on JT65c, tail ended after OE9ERC's sked... success!

8th April
2032 LA9NEA 569/569, 2133 K5JL 589/579, 2256 KYW, 2320 KI6DBR at OVRO (W6IFE) 39/559... very loud but very distorted and 2346 K9SLQ 599/579 with his new YL1050 1kW PA.

10th April
2300 - 2332 ZA/DL3OCH (Albania) O/RO (-26 to -29dB) in JN91 on JT65b. I had many solid decodes from Bodo, but no report until 2329 followed by R's & 73's in quick succession.

13th April
2230 - 2241 T9/DL3OCH (Bosnia) RO/O (-26 to -28dB) in JN92 on JT65b. Despite low elevation and some tree blockage, this was our easiest QSO. Two sequences of callsigns and reports were received from Bodo before I responded with RO... I couldn't believe I got it the first time! R's & 73's followed and we completed in only 11 minutes.

29th April - AW
0530 - 0550 VK7MO O/RO (-24 to -18dB best) in QE37.  Rex has a 2.4m dish and 100W to Septum polariser. Thanks Rex for all the effort and finally our first QSO.

Here's some screen shots of our QSO:


Our common window possibilities are quite limited due to obstructions at both ends. Rex had to "shoot" between the trees to make our QSO, despite this he still reached -18dB best with me and we were exchanging "free text" messages and agreed to try CW for the last 10 minutes of our window. Unfortunately, we did not succeed this time, but I'm confident that success on CW is not far away.

Here's an example of Rex's window to Eu showing the Moon position on a previous attempt:

29th April AW
1417 to 1457 SM5LE O/RO on JT65C... Sven was -16dB best with his 2.4m dish and 200W. We also did some tests with reduced power and signals were easily decoded with 75W at each end.

1555 W7BBM 54/55 on SSB & 1714 VE6TA 569/569.

3rd May
1926 RW3BP 559/559... nice surprise Sergei, and what a great signal with a 2.4m offset dish and 500W.

4th May
1010 to 1100 VK7MO RO/O on CW... after our success on JT65, we finally made it on CW. Thanks Rex for a supreme effort in copying my weak CW EME signals... well done.

1120 VK4AFL 559/559. Trevor must have been calling me for 20 minutes after my QSO with VK7MO... sorry Trevor.

After working VK7MO, I left the shack without realising that WSJT was still set to Auto TX ON I was using WSJT to send CW to Rex, as agreed. WSJT carried on sending the last message I sent to Rex every two minutes... could have gone on for hours! Fortunately, I heard Trevor calling when I went outside to hang some washing out!

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