11 November 2001

Activity weekend - 03 & 04 November

During the first session conditions were very good with minimal libration, unfortunately activity was very low. Activity improved for the second  session, and some new stations appeared too, making it a very successful weekend. Libration was more noticeable but didn't cause any problems.

I thought I had picked up another 3 initials with K9ZZH, DL4DTU and NY2Z, I found out later that DL4DTU is the same as DK0ZAB and NY2Z is the same as W2DRZ.... confusing. This improves my standings to 162 Initials, 31 Countries, 6 Continents, 24 US States, 27 Large Grid Sq, 124 Small Grid Sq.

I also listened for GM4ISM during his sked with OZ4MM but heard nil... maybe next weekend??

Heres the log for the weekend totalling 17 QSOs:

03 November

0400 KA0Y 589/589, 0415 OE9XXI 58/55 to 56 ssb plus 0420 K1RQG 54/57 making a 3 way QSO, 0647 NL7F RO/O, 2158 DJ5MN 559/579, 2231 IK2MMB 569/569, 2252 JA6AHB 559/559, 2310 F/G8MBI 539/559, 2318 GW3XYW 55/55 on ssb

04 November

0436 VE4MA 529/449, 0444 K9ZZH RO/M Initial #162, 0506 K5JL 589/579, 0521 K1RQG 559/579, 0553 WA6PY 559/549, 0542 DL4DTU (DK0ZAB) 559/559 Bert, 0636 NY2Z(W2DRZ) 559/449 Jim, 0710 NL7F RO/O and 539/539... nice signal Bill, much better with more elevation at my end!

ARRL EME Contest 2001 - Second Leg

10 November

0305 JA8IAD dup, DL4MUP dup, PA3DZL, HB9BBD, G3LQR, DL1YMK, GM4ISM 2.4m dish & 125 W for initial #163 and DXCC #32, W4OP in EM85 for initial#164, OK1KIR, DF4PV, WA6PY, W7BBM, VE4MA, W1ZX, DK0ZAB and K5GW.

11 November

0325 VK5MC 12 yrs since the last QSO!, JA8ERE, ON5RR, F5AQC, DJ9YW, W4AD, K9BCT, N2IQ, VE6NA dup, and KD4LT

Gotaways this weekend - F5FEN, DJ3MY, W1QC

My final score in the contest was  - 77x34x100 = 261800 

Does anyone have any info on DO6ME, DH5RZ, DJ3MY and F5FEN. Also, I am looking for the grid square for Z25JJ to complete my log for a QSO way back in 1983... can anyone help out?


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