06 March 2001

On 20 February I gave a presentation about 23 cm EME at my local radio Club -  Scunthorpe Steel Amateur Radio Club. 

I invited G3CCH who was one of the UK's EME pioneers along with G3LTF to take a look at my station on the next activity weekend. On 03 March we made 3 EME QSO's during Johnny's visit, I had hoped for more activity... anyway Johnny was pleasantly surprised at the signal levels and said that what he had experienced was "a revelation" in comparison to his EME activities in the 1960's.

The activity weekend also coincided with EME tests by the SETI  League using the Arecibo Radio Telescope. Although they did not transmit, this was an opportunity for 23cm EME stations to be heard at the largest radio telescope in the world... and it generated a good burst of activity.

Everything continued to work well and I made 26 QSO's over the activity weekend and added an initial with F1OAT...  improving my standings to 146 Initials, 30 DXCC Countries, 6 Continents & 23 US States, 25 Large Grid Squares & 114 Small Grid Squares.

Hyperlinks in text below are to Real Audio files

25 January

1510 OZ6OL 559/559, SM2CEW 569/559

02 March

2215 W7SZ 539/539, WA1JOF 539/559, KA0Y 589/579

03 March

1414 OZ6OL 559/559, GW3XYW 559/559, SM2CEW 559/559, 2346 WA4NJP 559/449 50W & 5m dish

04 March

0006 W7QX 549/549, 1540 F1ANH 559/549, F2TU 339/569 QRP 10W 8m dish, F2TU 55/55 500W, G3LQR, 54/55, GW3XYW 54/54, W2UHI 569/569, W7BBM 539/559, K2UYH 55/55, WA4NJP 539/559, F1OAT O/RO & Initial #146 100W & 2m dish, K2UYH 55/55, W5ORH 55/55, SM2CEW 569/569, WA8WZG 529/559, KA0Y 579/569, WA4NJP 539/559

05 March

0010 W7QX 539/549, 0022 VE6NA 539/549

Gotaway's were DJ9YW & HB9BCD... has anyone got any information on this station?


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