30 July 2000

Activity was spread out over a number of days in July as I was unable to be around for the activity weekend of 21 & 22 July. 

During July I decided to do some comparison tests between my existing RX pre amps and one from Charlie G3WDG. Unfortunately, I destroyed both my pre amps in the process by applying 12 volts to their 5 volt supply inputs.

A lot of time was spent doing repairs an attempting to match or better the previous performance of my system. Currently, I'm using an MGF4919 followed by an MGF1412-09. Performance seems to be marginally better than my old system.

I need to spend some more time setting benchmarks on performance of the current system so that I can make more accurate comparisons in the future.

01 July 

HB9BBD 599/579 & 57/57 on ssb

02 July

IK2MMB 559/559, SM2CEW 559/559, W7SZ, 559,559, DL6YDH 559/559 #110.

04 July

K5JL 579/569 & 55/56 on ssb.

08 July

DF4PV 559/549, K9BCT 549/549 #111

29 July

HG100BAY 549/569 #112, VE1ALQ 579/579, ZS6AXT 559/569, DJ5MN 559/569, K3AX 549/549, W6HD 579/569, W7SZ 529/529, KD4LT 579/559, IK2MMB 559/569 & 53/53 on ssb


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