The latest 70cm, 23cm, 13cm, 9cm & 6cm EME activity from G4CCH

23rd March 2017

Quick update

Hyperlinks on callsigns are to audio clips of signals (will add more clips later)

Here's a quick update of my activity since 20th January 2017
05/02/2017 13:58 1296 CW 1000 OK2DL 599 599            
05/02/2017 15:41 1296 CW 1000 IZ1AEM 579 579            
05/02/2017 19:41 1296 JT65C 1000 LA4ANA -18 O(-11)            
06/02/2017 20:35 1296 JT65C 1000 W3HMS R-11 O(-11)            
03/03/2017 13:58 1296 JT65C 1000 FR/DL2NUD RO(-19) O(-16)   Yes        
03/03/2017 20:28 1296 CW 1000 N5BF 559 579           3m dish, 300W
03/03/2017 20:43 1296 CW 1000 F6ETI 569 579            
03/03/2017 20:56 1296 JT65C 1000 N5BF R-10 O(-07)           3m dish, 300W
04/03/2017 20:15 1296 JT65C 1000 EA5DOM O(-16) RO(-11)            
04/03/2017 20:21 1296 JT65C 1000 K4EME R-12 O(-07)            
04/03/2017 20:39 1296 JT65C 1000 VE4MO O(-22) RO(-15)           4x45el yagi's, 100W
09/03/2017 18:36 1296 JT65C 1000 SP5GDM R-07 O(R-06)            

In DUBUS REF EME Contest - on 13cm

11/03/17 - Saturday
Spent most of yesterday swapping my system from 23cm to 13cm.
Ran into a few problems including no 2304 RX at 2am - turned out to be a bad sma patch lead
Problem aslo affected 2301 RX but don't think I missed much from VK.
Never got 2424 going this time - sorry JA's
Really is time I sorted out all my stuff so that is is works reliably, and can switch bands more easily... I say this every year.
Most of the time I get it working on the day, then it gets forgotten till the next time... just never enough time these days...

Anyway, I managed to work 29 stations yesterday, including 3 initials which improves my total to 114.
I was really hoping to complete with ZS6EME to make WAC, but several attempts so far failed.
Alex was a great signal, 579 at times, but the best I got from him was a QRZ, or came back with G4BAO.

In the log for this weekend are CW contacts with:
SP6OPN, UA3PTW, ES5PC, OF2DG, LZ1DX, DF3RU, IK3COJ, OK1DFC, OK1CA, HB9BCD, ON5RR, OK1KK #112, SM3BYA best every copy from Gudmund on 2320, F5JWF, SP3XBO, G3LTF, IK2RTI #113, OK2ULQ, F5HRY #114, S59DCD, PA3DZL, OZ4MM, OH1LRY, PY2BS, OK1KIR, OK1YK, K2UYH xband, VE6BGT xband and WA6PY xband.

System here is 5.4m dish, round septum feed sub optimum for f/d, 200W at feed, G4DDK lna.
Most reports received were showed that stations were hearing me better than I was my own echoes. So time I made a new feed...

Will be on a gain for a few hours after MR hoping to make a few more - I really do need ZS6EME to make my weekend...

12/03/17 - Sunday
Thanks to Peter G3LTF and Yoshi JA4BLC for pointing out that JA's are on 2400 (not 2424)
I had forgotten the change that happened 12 months ago...
When I dug out my "converter" I discovered that I had already re tuned the filter to 2400 MHz
Got it all connected up before MR, and soon realised that I was unlikely to hear anything
WIFI QRM was just too much, and much worse than I remember on 2424.
No chance to hear anything at all, let alone weak signals, and no chance to check sun noise on 2400.

I would be interested to hear what others are doing to combat the WIFI interference.
Need to do something, but no time to experiment, I need a solution that works...

Also, thanks to Zdenek OK1DFC and Franta OK1CA for letting me know that I copied the callsign wrongly for OK1KKD (not OK1KK)
I have removed the initial from the log.

Finally managed to complete with Alex ZS6EME for initial # 114, Grid and DXCC, and finally complete WAC on 13cm
Thanks Alex for persevering despite heavy QRM from a GSM base station located just 300m from his dish

Added QSO's with IK5QLO # 115, IW2FZR and G4BAO - making 32 QSO's for the weekend

Thanks to all for the fun and the QSO's

Here's the log - with reports omitted, so as not to compromise contest details

11/03/2017 18:28 2320 CW 250 SP6OPN                
11/03/2017 18:37 2320 CW 250 UA3PTW                
11/03/2017 18:46 2320 CW 250 ES5PC                
11/03/2017 19:06 2320 CW 250 OF2DG               =OH2DG. OF = special call
11/03/2017 19:38 2320 CW 250 LZ1DX                
11/03/2017 19:43 2320 CW 250 DF3RU                
11/03/2017 19:49 2320 CW 250 IK3COJ                
11/03/2017 19:56 2320 CW 250 OK1DFC                
11/03/2017 20:00 2320 CW 250 OK1CA                
11/03/2017 20:06 2320 CW 250 HB9BCD                
11/03/2017 20:14 2320 CW 250 ON5RR                
11/03/2017 20:17 2320 CW 250 OK1KKD               not OK1KK..!!
11/03/2017 20:23 2320 CW 250 SM3BYA                
11/03/2017 20:28 2320 CW 250 F5JWF                
11/03/2017 20:36 2320 CW 250 SP3XBO                
11/03/2017 20:54 2320 CW 250 G3LTF                
11/03/2017 21:05 2320 CW 250 IK2RTI       Yes        
11/03/2017 22:03 2320 CW 250 S59DCD                
11/03/2017 23:12 2320 CW 250 PA3DZL                
11/03/2017 23:43 2320 CW 250 OZ4MM                
11/03/2017 23:53 2320 CW 250 OH1LRY                
12/03/2017 00:41 2320 CW 250 PY2BS                
12/03/2017 00:50 2320 CW 250 OK1KIR                
12/03/2017 00:56 2320 CW 250 OK1YK                
12/03/2017 02:43 2320X CW 250 K2UYH                
12/03/2017 02:53 2320X CW 250 VE6BGT                
12/03/2017 03:02 2320X CW 250 WA6PY                
12/03/2017 19:05 2320 CW 250 ZS6EME       Yes       3.6m dish, 300W. DXCC & WAC..!!
12/03/2017 20:50 2320 CW 250 IK5QLO       Yes       2.4m dish, 100W
12/03/2017 21:30 2320 CW 250 IW2FZR                
12/03/2017 21:51 2320 CW 250 G4BAO                
11/03/2017 21:14 2320 CW 250 OK2ULQ                
11/03/2017 21:43 2320 CW 250 F5HRY       Yes        

You can find more details of my Initials and standings here

Future Activity

Next activity will be on:
Hopefully on 1st & 2nd April 2017 on 23cm in the DUBUS/REF EME Contest - weather permitting


All that you need to make a JT65c QSO with me is >20dBi antenna and >100W... why not give it a try sometime, you might be surprised.

I can be QRV again over the next few days on CW and JT65c.
If anyone else wants to try then please E Mail me - howard(at)g4cch(dot)com

When I am QRV (but not during contests), you can usually find me on 1296.015 CW or 1296.085 JT65c. I have Internet access in the shack, and check HB9Q's logger and ON4KST microwave chat for possible activity. 


Please email me if you want a sked, otherwise you should find me during the various activity weekends... I will announce when I am going to be on.


Worked All States (WAS)

So far I have had 23cm EME QSO's with stations in 37 of the 50 US States. To complete WAS I need the following 13 states:  AL, AR, DE, KY, MN, MS, MT, NE, NV, OR, SC, SD & TN.

I would like to hear from anyone who could activate these states on 23cm EME either on CW or JT65... please email me if you have a 23cm EME capable station or have plans to build one, or if you intend to do an expedition to any of the listed states.


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