16 November 2003

Over the past few months, I had intermittent problems with my elevation readout. Despite numerous tests and inspection I still have not found the cause. Fortunately, this did not give any trouble in the Contest.

Just in case it went un noticed, in May I made my Initial QSO with ZL1KA M/OR... probably the furthest DX possible from this QTH. Like Peter G3LTF, this marks the achievement of a lifetime ambition on 23cm EME. Take a look at my comments in May

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During the second leg of the ARRL International EME contest on 15/16 November I made a few extra QSO's increasing my score to 70 x 29 and added extra initials with VA7MM, SKUX, OH3MCK and UR5LX. After checking and correcting previous errors... this improved my standings to 186 Initials, 35 DXCC countries, 31 large Grid and 137 small Grid Squares. See my Initial Contacts page for more information.

Unfortunately, I had heavy winds at the beginning of the first session and was unable to start until 0500Z. The next day was calm and conditions appeared good over the whole weekend.

Was disappointed to hear but not get an opportunity to work JA8ERE, JA8IAD, JF3HUC, IZ1BPN and WA4OFS... never heard them call CQ and no chance of "tailending"

Progress was extremely slow especially in the last few hours with no QSO's from 0920 till the end of my window at 1230Z.

Here's the log:

16 November
0029 JR4ZZS dupe, 0050 SKUX for Initial #184, 0100 JH1KRC dupe, OH3MCK for Initial #185, 0549 N2IQ, 0557 OH2AXH, 0632 UR5LX for Initial #186, 0802 F5HRY and finally 0920 PY5ZBU.

15 November
0527 K9BCT, 0532 KYW, 0548 VE6TA, 0632 HB9JAW, 0918 OE5JFL and VA7MM for Initial #183.

2343 SM2CEW & 2357 DL4MUP dupe.


During the first leg of the ARRL International EME Contest on 18/19 October I managed to make 56 QSO's for a score of 56x25 and notched up 3 Initials with DL3HRT, JH1KRC and JR4ZZS. This improved my standings to - 182 Initials, 35 DXCC countries, 28 large Grid and 131 small Grid Squares.

Here's the log:

19 October
0052 JA6AHB, 0111 ON5RR, 0125 F6KHM, 0131 JH1KRC for Initial #181, 0142 OE9ERC, 0206 ZS6AXT, 0328 JR4ZZSfor Initial #182, 0629 DKZAB, 0644 G3LQR, 0653 DL3HX(S)... had probs decoding call, was DL3HXS at DKZAB, 0712 IK3COJ, 0819 DL8OBU, 0943 G4DZU, 1007 W7BBM, 1041 W2UHI, 1130 W7GBI, 1231 VE7BBG and F6KHM on  SSB.

18 October
0013 F1ANH, 0023 OM6AA, 0037 HA5SHF, 0048 OZ6OL, 0103 IK2MMB, 0120 OE9XXI, 0124 HB9BBD, 0141 JH5LUZ , 0150 OZ4MM, 0200 LA8LF... lost no R's, 0237 OH2DG, 0245 F6CGJ, 0250 OE5EYM, 0332 JA6CZD, 0346 DF3RU, 0358 G3LTF, 0405 LA8LF... completed this time, 0419 SM3AKW, 0427 OK1CA, 0449 DL4MUP, 0533 DJ5MN, 0543 F5VHX, 0551 N2UO, 0605 K5JL, 0624 DL3HRT for Initial #180, 0631 W2DRZ, 0647 W9IIX, 0704 PA3CSG, 0713 F2TU, 0723 OZ9AAR, 0736 W7SZ, 0805 PASSB... welcome back Jan, 0813 K2UYH, 0903 IUGB, 0937 OE9XXI... dupe, 0947 K7XQ , 1005 DL1YMK, 1046 WA6PY, 1056 WA4NJP and K5GW.

12 October
Testing the weekend before the contest - 2039 OZ6OL 559/559.


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