17 May 2003

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ARI Italian EME Contest - 10 & 11 May

I worked 24 QSO's including 2 Italians for a contest score of 282 points. Gotaway's were - PA3CSG and K2UYH.

Activity was quite low compared with the Dubus Contest last month. It was also Mother's Day in the USA and other countries on Sunday 11th... 

Here's the log...

11 May
1421 LA8LF... welcome back Anders, 1806 DL8OBU, 1915 SM6CKU,1935 OH2DG, 2125 SM6CKU on SSB 52/55 and 2138 KYW.

10 May
1255 JA6AHB, 1307 IK3COJ, 1320 F2TU, 1328 G3LTF, 1619 ZS6AXT, 1743 OZ6OL, 1758 DF3RU, 1806 DKZAB, 1845 HB9SV, 1853 SM2CEW, 1922 SM3AKW, 2023 K5GW, 2031 G3LQR, 2045 IK2MMB, 2045 N2IQ, 2225 WA6PY, 2252 W2UHI, 2312 K7XQ, 2326 VE6TA.

04 May
0642 Finally worked New Zealand -  ZL1KA M/O... Thanks very much Brent for the effort. 

Due to local obstructions at my end, we only had a 15 minute window to complete the QSO. We decided on 1 minute periods to maximise our chances of completion at the first attempt.

Brent's signal improved as the Moon gradually rose at my location, and was 'O' copy on his last over.

Moon elevation was only 6 deg and I had a 6dB increase in background noise from houses and trees in front of the dish. 

Brent's location is in grid RF72JV and is 18161.11Km (11285.31 Miles) from my QTH in grid IO93QL... is this a UK record?

This improved my standings to 177 Initials, 33 Countries, 6 Continents, 24 US States and 131 Grids.

03 May
0550 Tried a sked with ZL1KA, but was unsuccessful... We had a very small window, and I didn't hear my echoes till 5 deg Elevation.


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