31 December 2002

Didn't manage to get on for the activity weekend 21/22 December due to illness... maybe it was really time for a rest, it's been a busy year. 

28 December 2002

I decided to give the gear one final run before the end of the year and worked 0934 DF4PV on ssb 56/56 and 1048 IK2MMB 559/559 with the dish pointing through a leylandii tree!! Sergio is now running 1KW from a TH327 PA and is a really good signal.

Thanks to all the stations that worked me this year... it's been really great fun! I'm looking forward now to next year... I will be working hard to get my TH347 PA running and listening out for all the new stations who are working on their first appearance on 23cm EME.

Good luck and happy new year to everyone.


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