24 March 2002


16 March

Spent some time during the last week making repairs to my PA. All looked OK again... so I decided to do some testing. There were a few stations around, and all seems in good shape here again!

1120 SM2CEW 549/559, 1520 F/G8MBI O/RO, 1622 W7BBM 549/559 and again at 1636 W7BBM 43/55 on SSB.

17 March

Not much activity, but all continued to work well... efficiency & gain of the PA have improved since making repairs

1110 F6ETI 529/529, 1140 IK3COJ 539/549, 1149 F6ETI 51/51 on SSB... nice signal Philippe, 1903 SM2CEW 559/559.

21 March

2308 G3LTF 559/559. After listening for the Arecibo test... I discovered later that I had misunderstood the announcement. Actually there was no transmission from Arecibo, and they were testing their receiver calibration using the SETI beacon in New Jersey. Sorry if I misled anyone!

23 March

This was the first real opportunity to make use my system during a scheduled weekend since January... due to what seems like a lifetime of heavy winds in Europe.

Activity was expected to be low on 23cm due to the Dubus EME contest on 70cm and other bands over the weekend. European activity turned out to be very low, but there was a good turn out from the USA.

Hyperlinks in text below are to Real Audio files... you can download the latest version of Real Audio Player for free at  www.real.com

1637 HB9BBD 599/589, F6ETI 539/539, HB9BBD 59/56 on SSB with Eddy ON7UN operating during his visit to Dominique, 2007 W4OP 559/569, 2022 W2UHI 569/579, 2052 W7SZ 549/559, 2058 K9BCT 549/569, 2247 IK3COJ 539/549, 2259 WA1JOF 549/539, 2312 N2IQ 579/579, 2322 F/G8MBI 539/559, 2334 GM4ISM 329/O & 539... easy random QSO 2.4m dish & 150W, 2356 K9KFR 579/579

24 March

0038 W5LUA 569/579, 1628 HB9BBD 589/559 with half of my dish blocked by a tree!, 2050 HB9BBD 59/58 on SSB... nice chat, 2108 IK3COJ 539/549, 2117 IK2MMB 569/579 & 54/55 on SSB.


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