24 November 2002

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ARRL EME contest, 2nd leg

Much better weather than in the last leg... just a light breeze..

24 November

Unfortunately, there was even lower activity on the 2nd pass and I decided to quit at 0130 and get some sleep. 

On returning at 0500 and discovered a few more stations... these turned out to be my last QSO's of the contest. 

From 0730 onwards, signal levels seemed to be down compared with earlier and activity reduced down to a handfull of stations... shame, I was hoping for more US activity, and European early risers. 

0502 VE4MA, 0525 WA4NJP, 0531 PA3CSG and 0742 DL4MUP (dupe).

Also heard HB9SV (only once), and JA6CZD who seemed to only want to work OE5EYM.

My score so far is 50 x 26... I need to check this after some sleep!


23 November

Conditions were good, and many stations had exceptional signals compared to normal. My echoes peaked at S8 at times and were audible with 5 watts in 2.5KHz. Take a look at this short movie clip (2.5Mb .mpg).

Unfortunately, activity was low and it was difficult to make much improvement on my contest score. 

0004 EA8/LA8LF, 0025 DF4PV, 0036 ZS6AXT, 0043 DL8OBU, 0214 KAY (dupe), 0238 HA5SHF, 0303 N2UO, 0526 DL1YMK, 0535 W7SZ, 0615 OE5EYM, 0643 HB9BHU and 0721 F5HRY.

2216 ON5RR, 2235 OE5JFL, 2256 G3LQR, 2304 JH5LUZ, 2319 GW3XYW and 2345 DF3RU.


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